MONTE CRISTO by Jordan Mechner


A Classic Reimagined For a Modern Era

Sam Castillo embodies the blue-collar American dream — a young, successful contractor, engaged to his sweetheart at age 24, living a happy life… until three enemies conspire to frame him as a terrorist. Sent to a black-site federal prison, Sam befriends a brilliant, multi-lingual inmate who teaches him the ways of the world… and bestows upon him the key to a secret fortune. After 15 years of imprisonment, Sam’s daring escape puts him in a financial position to, at last, take revenge against those who betrayed him. 

Alexandre Dumas’s classic tale of love, revenge, and redemption is reimagined and transposed to a post-9/11 America and today’s globalized world by PRINCE OF PERSIA creator JORDAN MECHNER, masterfully illustrated by MARIO ALBERTI (THE WALL).

Written by: Jordan Mechner
Illustrated by: Mario Alberti

  • Pages: 224 pages
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Size:  8.5″ x 11″
  • Cover Price: $29.99
  • ISBN:  978-1-962413-14-5
  • DOC:  NA
  • RELEASE DATE: November, 2024


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Jordan Mechner is an American video game designer, graphic novelist, and screenwriter, best known as the creator of PRINCE OF PERSIA, and as a pioneer of cinematic storytelling in the video game industry. His other games include KARATEKATHE LAST EXPRESS, and PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE SANDS OF TIME. He became the first game creator to adapt his own work as a feature film screenwriter with Disney’s PRINCE OF PERSIA (2010). The Prince of Persia franchise has spawned over a dozen spinoffs and sequels on over 40 different platforms, selling over 20 million copies worldwide. The latest hit, PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE LOST CROWN, was released on PS4/5, XBox One/X/S, and Nintendo Switch this January to glowing reviews.

Jordan has written several graphic novels in collaboration with various illustrators, including TEMPLARMONTE CRISTO, and LIBERTY. His latest work, REPLAY, a graphic novel memoir that interweaves his life as a game developer with his family history in Europe during WW2, was awarded the 2023 Chateau de Cheverny graphic novel prize.