The Midnight Order

A globe-spanning graphic novel about a secret agency of witches policing the occult in a war over the sanity of mankind!

For hundreds of years, those attuned to the powers of magic and supernaturalism have been ostracized and persecuted as “witches” by those who do not understand them or wish to maintain power over them. And yet these individuals continued to practice their knowledge in secrecy to protect themselves and those around them from occult evils that would invade our reality. The most dedicated of these individuals formed THE MIDNIGHT ORDER, an organization that grew through generations into a secret globe-spanning organization of agents who protect humanity from unknown demonic forces that could end the world if left unchecked.

Created by artist and author MATHIEU BABLET, creator of the celebrated, award-winning (and SOLD-OUT) SHANGRI-LA, CARBON & SILICONand ADRASTEATHE MIDNIGHT ORDER is an action-packed series of interlinked short tales set in a shadowy shared universe of witches, witch-hunters, and a menagerie of unimaginable beasts that roam the world unnoticed. Together with a team of 13 other writers and artists, Mathieu weaves an intricate tale around Sheridan and Johnson, two of the Order’s best agents, as they pursue the Seraph, an ancient power that threatens to corrupt their ranks from within. Torn by deeds committed in their pasts, Sheridan and Johnson find themselves on opposite sides of a moral quandary, with the fate of the Order hanging between them. Will they be able to overcome their own ghosts to save the world?


       Written by: M. Bablet, Various

       Illustrated by: M. Bablet, Various

  • Pages: 272 pages
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Size:  7.5″ x 11″
  • Cover Price: $39.99
  • ISBN: 978-1951719876
  • DOC:  APR241652
  • RELEASE DATE: July, 2024


  • Pages: 272 pages
  • Format: TPB
  • Size:  7.5″ x 11″
  • Cover Price: $24.99
  • ISBN:978-1951719975
  • DOC:  APR241651
  • RELEASE DATE: July, 2024


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Mathieu Bablet, a visionary comic book creator, has carved a niche in the industry with his distinctive storytelling style and masterful artwork across many, many genres. Most notable among his works is “Carbon & Silicon,” which features (re)generations of robots, exploring the complex nuances of human nature amidst societal collapse, where Bablet’s artistry shines through in its detailed world-building and evocative character portrayals. Another noteworthy work here at Magnetic Press is “Adrastée,” a cosmic Greek odyssey that pushes the boundaries of the genre with its thought-provoking themes and stunning imagery.