Magnetic Press and world famous Japanese international bookstore chain Books Kinokuniya are proud to announce the Kinokuniya variant cover edition of GOLEM.  Printed in a limited run, this special edition with a brand new cover by LRNZ will be available exclusively at Kinokuniya bookstores.

LRNZ had this to say about about the Kinokuniya variant:

“I love Japanese art, I love Japanese books. Every time I have a reasonable amount of free time (20 days is a minimum) I fly to Japan to enjoy all of it’s artistic beauties. And as an artist myself, I can’t avoid being sucked in those mesmerizing bookstores Japan has to offer. My home bookshelf is half japan, half rest of the world. I spent most of my “javanese” time in bookstores, Kinokuniya stores are among those sacred art shrines. They always felt like a forbidden, unattainable stage for my artwork. I thoroughly searched the Shinjuku stores, book by book, to learn as much as I could from the masters, young and old, that Japan has to offer to the world’s visual culture. So, all of a sudden, knowing that my book will be in the same Kinokuniya stores I so much enjoyed really is a dream that comes true. It’s unbelievable: I feel so honored and lucky to have been chosen for this collaboration between Magnetic Press and Kinokuniya Books I will be always grateful for this amazing gift: It’s a milestone in my artistic career and my life, it really means a lot to me.”

Read the full announcement at Publishers Weekly.