As some of you may know or have come to realize, Magnetic is truly a small-press, independent publisher. By that, we mean we are a very lean team of individuals completely self-funded out-of-pocket and driven by passion. We’re not getting rich here — not even close. Quite the contrary, in fact. We’re here because we want to support artists and projects that we believe in. We’re incredibly proud to have introduced artists like Bengal and Tony Sandoval to the US market, and are excited by the growing support of titles like LOVE, VOX, WASTED LANDS, BASIL & MOEBIUS, etc.

We truly want to help projects we feel are deserving get a chance to see the light of day. Projects like SUPER-EGO and THE WORLD OF CASSYNO needed to be completed before we could distribute them, and they both reached their production goals through Kickstarter. Like any other creator-owned project, a book needs to exist before we can help it find an audience. But again, we are not big, nor do we have deep pockets for creator-owned development. So we want to show our support for these projects however else we can, such as by donating discount webstore codes to independent projects like HUGO BROYLER.

HUGO BROYLER is a graphic novel we would love to see reach its potential — it is an exciting thriller with an amazing collection of artists behind it (including EDUARDO RISSO, RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE, MARCELO FRUSIN, BENGAL, BEN TEMPLESMITH, ZACH HOWARD, MATTEO DE LONGIS, and many many more), and it really has the potential to become an exciting series. But it needs help reaching its goal for coloring and re-lettering. The campaign is already offering some wonderful rewards, and we hope to boost that draw by offering 50% discount webstore codes for all backers who jump on board.

HUGO mockmovieposter2HUGO mockmovieposter



With one week left to reach their goal, we think you, our passionate and supportive fans, can help make the difference. If you love the books we’ve brought to light so far, we think you’ll love this one too. So please consider pledging to this killer graphic novel so that it might see the light of day.