As we enter our second year of awesome releases, we felt it was due time to update the website.  Dust off the old, outdated plug-in code, repair some old, outdated information, add all of the new, exciting titles lined up to the horizon, and then send the whole thing through a carwash to make it look all shiny and new.

We hope to add even more functionality soon — membership login, social activities with tangible reward points, and maybe even a direct link to our webstore so you can shop without even leaving the site.  But that plan is still just a bunch of scribbles on the chalkboard.  Our first priority is, as it should be, getting these awesome books onto shelves and into your hands.

If you missed our Year Two preview, you can take a peek at our full catalog and future line-up at our new Catalog Landing page:

(You can get there from the main menu by clicking on “TITLES” directly, without picking a submenu title.)

We’d love to hear your ideas and feedback! Let us know what you think!