Yes, it has been several weeks since the last update, but in that time LRNZ finished the layout and design, and the book is now off to the printer!

Don’t believe us? Here’s a peek at the proof PDF:

And here’s a mockup of the final cover design:

We even have a mockup of the limited slipcased edition:

What was the hold up?  Well, LRNZ is a man in demand these days, and he had to wrap some hard deadlines on a new film and companion graphic novel he’s been working on for a while — you’ll hear more about it soon, but in the meantime, here’s a tease of the project, titled MONOLITH:

So now that the files are complete, the proofing and pre-press process begins. We’re hoping if all goes smoothly (which they should, we’re working with a high-quality printer that we’ve used before), then we could have books in hand by mid-December. That’s the target, at least.

There are still a couple-dozen of you who haven’t filled out your Backerkit surveys. If you didn’t get the link or reminder emails, please let us know so we can confirm you are checking the same address. We’ll need your info before things can ship, so please check on that in the next few weeks!

We’ll keep you posted on progress along the way and share the proofing process with you in future updates.  Thanks for your patience — we’re excited to get this beautiful tome out to you soon!