June marks our official two-year anniversary, and we’re marking the event by launching our next exciting endeavor: a new art book by the amazing LRNZ!

If you didn’t already know his work (as if we haven’t been shouting about it from the rooftops lately), LRNZ is the penname of artist and designer Lorenzo Ceccotti, who has made waves throughout many different fields of visual art around the world, from film and animation to music videos and video games.  He has most recently become best-known in the US for his breathtaking first full-length graphic novel, GOLEM, a tale filled with adventure, intrigue, political commentary, and spiritual metaphor.

His work sets him apart within a peer group of masters such as Terada, Moebius, Otomo, Bilal, Darrow, Madureira, Steranko, Sienkiewicz, and Stout.  

VIEWPOINT_28pgSampler SD_Page_02
VIEWPOINT_28pgSampler SD_Page_09
VIEWPOINT_28pgSampler SD_Page_07

VIEWPOINT was originally printed as a set of extremely limited sketchbooks available only in Italy.  We are now looking to produce a brand new, 120+ page softcover collection of the most inspiring pieces from that library, combined with new and never before seen pieces produced in the years since.  This oversized, 9×12″ gallery-quality art book will be printed on heavy woodfree paper with a thick, un-coated card stock cover emblazoned with glossy foil-stamped elements.


Head to the Kickstarter page to Pledge for your Pre-ordered copy!