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Written by: Ced
Illustrated by:Waltch and Gorobei

Looniland is a joyful and colorful world populated by mythical and extinct creatures: unicorns, cyclops, dodos… But behind this facade hides a highly unequal society: from an early age, each inhabitant of Looniland is categorized as “beautiful” or “ugly” according to certain subjective criteria. The life of the “beautiful” is idyllic while that of the “ugly” is filled with drudgery and danger. But the balance of society will be upturned by the arrival of Penny, an amnesic human child.

The energetic and zany cartoon style will appeal to fans of bizarre toons like ADVENTURE TIME, STEVEN UNIVERSE, and GRAVITY FALLS. Presented in a slightly smaller 6.5×9” paperback format more digestible than comic size our younger readers!