CHICAGO, IL (June 30, 2022) — Award-winning publisher of premium graphic novels and art books Magnetic Press proudly announces the news that the animal rights awareness graphic novel LETTERS FROM ANIMALS has been selected as one of three shortlisted titles for the Prix Albertine Jeunesse Award, a reader’s choice award in which children ages 3 to 14 years vote for their favorite book from a selection of Francophone youth literature available in English translation.
LETTERS FROM ANIMALS is a graphic novel based on the writings of famed journalist and nature conservator Allain Bougrain-Dubourg vividly adapted by writer Frederic Brremaud and illustrator Giovanni Rigano and translated by Ivanka Hahnenberger. Told as a collection of shorts, each from the voice and perspective of a different animal, these tales shine a light on the difficulties and issues these creatures face sharing their natural environment with their increasingly dominant human neighbors. As much a love letter to these noble animals, it is also an eye-opening look at the way we as a species encroach on their natural rights along with observations as to how we can be better neighbors to our animal friends.

Presented by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, the Prix Albertine Jeunesse Award seeks to reinforce the practice and love of reading in both French and English. This year’s theme is “Coexisting,” and was made by a committee that includes the staff of Albertine Books in New York City, the AEFE network of North America, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the U.S., and the French Embassy in Canada. The selected books are divided into four categories according to age groups: 3-5 years; 6-8 years; 9-11 years; and 12-14 years.
While the voting is open to all, the Prix Albertine Jeunesse is particularly suited to school children in the United States and Canada, including students enrolled in accredited French schools and public bilingual/dual language schools in North America alongside children and parents who are able to cast their ballot directly through the Albertine website. Nearly 4800 children voted in last year’s competition.

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