Magnetic Press Announces KLAW: WERE-WARS, a Combat Card and Dice Game

Core Game Set and Expansion Based on the Graphic Novel Series Will Premiere on Kickstarter September 20th.

CHICAGO, IL (September 13, 2022) — Award-winning publisher of premium graphic novels, art books, and games Magnetic Press today announced the upcoming pre-order campaign for KLAW: WERE-WARS, an original combat card-and-dice game based on the international hit graphic novel series KLAW by writer Antoine Ozanam and illustrator Joel Jurion.  The series chronicles a secret war between ancient animal spirits and the human hosts, called “Dizhi,” who are blessed and cursed with supernatural abilities. Players will combine Host cards with the twelve Zodiac Totems to create their Dizhi champion, outfitting them with a variety of useful Items and instant Action cards to create millions of potential combinations for battle.

The core WERE-WARS game set will include up to 190 cards, 12 custom dice, 30 status marker tokens, and 4 custom “battle fans” designed to hold all of a champion’s cards in an organized hand. The Core Game will retail for $44.99.

An Expansion set will introduce the Forgotten Zodiac, offering 12 new animal Totems, 23 new Hosts, 20 new Items and Actions, and 3 new Condition States that add a wealth of new strategic variety to the core gameplay. The Forgotten Expansion Set will retail for $29.99. Both are slated for release in November/December of this year under Magnetic’s gaming imprint Magnetic Press Play.

Written by prolific fan-favorite author Antoine Ozanam, the KLAW graphic novel series rose to immediate popularity throughout Europe due in no small part to artist Joel Jurion’s dynamic and expressive artwork and character design before finding an excited following in North America with Magnetic’s hardcover collections. With three collected volumes already available, Magnetic will be releasing the newest fourth volume, THE CYCLE REBORN, along with the game’s release this year.

“What began as a fairly contained – yet exciting – tale of a high schooler who discovers that he is a were-tiger has grown exponentially with each volume to create one of the most expansive and dynamic super-powered universes in comics,” says Mike Kennedy, Magnetic Press’s Publisher. “The breadth of this secret world Ozanam and Jurion have created, and the depth of intrigue behind the huge, diverse cast of combatants grows with each new volume. The WERE-WARS card game offers readers a chance to participate in the conflict and to engage with these characters directly.”

The pre-order campaign will launch on Kickstarter on Tuesday, September 20th at 10am CST featuring an array of bonus items, including limited, campaign-exclusive 75mm resin statuettes of key Were-Warriors that each come with an exclusive new Action Card unique to that animal (but usable by any player in the game). Other campaign bonuses include an array of stretch goals to unlock and game-enhancing add-ons such as neoprene gaming mats and custom dice cups/trays/towers. Furthermore, interested fans can pre-register their pledge to receive an exclusive linen cardstock print added to their pledge for free by visiting

The pre-order campaign will run for 25 days on Kickstarter, ending Friday October 14th at 5pm CST. Pre-orders will ship in December.

Fans can also bookmark the Kickstarter campaign to be notified of launch by visiting

More info about Magnetic Press is available on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @magneticpress, or through their official website,  Magnetic Press Play can be followed separately on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @magneticpressplay.

About Magnetic Press

Magnetic Press is a subsidiary of Polarity that publishes graphic novels, art books, and periodicals curated with a focus on internationally recognized content and talent, presented with premium quality design and production value. The Magnetic brand was founded by writer and video game veteran Mike Kennedy in 2013 as the independent publishing company Magnetic Press, Inc, featuring creators both new and established from around the world, sharing their stories with an English-language audience often for the first time. Their award-winning library includes such celebrated titles as the Love series of wordless wildlife graphic novels, as well as Eisner-nominated books Mister Invincible, Pistouvi, Irena, Stay, A Sea of Love, Watersnakes, Herakles, Doomboy, A Glance Backward, Little Tails, The Ghost of Gaudi, and Dave Dorman’s Wasted Lands Omnibus. Magnetic has earned a total of 23 Eisner Award nominations in their first six-of-six years of eligibility. Magnetic also won the Gold Medal of Excellence in the graphic novel category of the 2015 Independent Publisher Awards for Love: The Fox.

In 2021, Magnetic launched Magnetic Press Play, an imprint dedicated to gaming and new media endeavors, with their first release to include Carbon Grey The RPG, based on the Image Comics series by Hoang Nguyen, using their proprietary D6MV variant of the classic D6 Roleplaying Rules created by West End Games. They currently have three other tabletop RPG products in development using the D6MV system.

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David Steward II’s Polarity is a diversified global media company with a mission to bring authentic content to a diverse global audience. To create a richer content experience and offering, the company believes in the value of embracing diversity and highlighting previously unheard voices, as well as new and emerging views and voices. In addition to Magnetic Press, the Polarity portfolio also includes Lion Forge Animation, Oni-Lion Forge Publishing Group, and Illustrated Syndicate.

With broad operations in animation, publishing and general media, Polarity has established itself as an impactful force in the entertainment industry. Steward II has been putting resources behind his vision of expanding the market for comics and comic-related pop culture to new age groups and demographics since the early 2010s, building a portfolio of titles and imprints that feature characters and creators from a wide variety of backgrounds. He’s extended that vision and ethic to the larger media landscape with an organization that can orchestrate content development, production, financing, and distribution across different channels.


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