Preorder The Combat Card and Dice Game based on the hit Graphic Novel Series TODAY!

The campaign is now live on KICKSTARTER with numerous campaign-exclusive items and limited deluxe editions of both the graphic novel series and the brand-new combat card game!

The core WERE-WARS game set will include up to 190 cards, 12 custom dice, 30 status marker tokens, and 4 custom “battle fans” designed to hold all of a champion’s cards in an organized hand. The “Forgotten Zodiac” Expansion offers 12 new animal Totems, 23 new Hosts, 20 new Items and Actions, and 3 new Condition States that add a wealth of new strategic variety to the core gameplay.

New to the series? NO PROBLEM!

If you are new to the KLAW series, you can catch up with the complete saga vols.1-4 included digitally with every copy of the new vol.4 hardcover!

The pre-order campaign will launch on Kickstarter on Tuesday, September 20th at 10am CST featuring an array of bonus items, including limited, campaign-exclusive 75mm resin statuettes of key Were-Warriors that each come with an exclusive new Action Card unique to that animal (but usable by any player in the game). Other campaign bonuses include an array of stretch goals to unlock and game-enhancing add-ons such as neoprene gaming mats and custom dice cups/trays/towers.

The pre-order campaign will run for 17 days on Kickstarter, ending Friday October 7th at 5pm CST. Pre-orders will ship in December.