Kat’s Adventure (MC23 GAME)


A short handheld adventure set in the Black Box Chronicles Universe. Get ready for action, puzzles, and lore!

KAT’S ADVENTURE is a top-down adventure game produced by Horrible Future, and based on the short story “Return to Ascender Station,“ featured in Magnetic Press and Horrible Future’s Sci-Fi anthology, BLACK BOX CHRONICLES.

Kat is a courageous kid, yearning for adventure. An orphan who lives in the shadow of an abandoned space port, Ascender Station. Her days are filled with exploring it’s vast tunnels and ruins (much to the dismay of her caregiver, Ms. Donovan, at the orphanage.)

This byte-sized adventure is a perfect fit for Kat’s story. Filled with retro charm, it captures the wonder of childhood. Ascender Station serves as Kat’s playground, as she unravels mysteries that ignite her imagination and fuel her determination.

In-game cut scenes (based on artist Giovanni Rigano’s original artwork!) bridge the gap between the original short story and the game. And guess what? You can actually play Kat’s Adventure on your computer, smart phone, iPad… even a real Game Boy or an Analogue Pocket!

We’re happy to bring you this charming little title to celebrate the success of Black Box Chronicles. It may be the first, but it won’t be the last time we dip our toes into video games. Just like Kat, this game is byte-sized but has a lot of heart.

STAY TUNED! Instructions and links for how to download/play Kat’s Adventure is coming September 30th!

Check out the trailer for KAT’S ADVENTURE below: