The INFINITY 8 series has been chock full of gonzo, pulpy sci-fi characters and concepts, and the latest volume in the series certainly cranks that dial up a couple of notches! This standalone adventure takes readers on a zombie-filled rollercoaster ride in deep space, filled with high-tension thrills, fast-paced action, and wry humor like the best grindhouse space flicks. Illustrator Lorenzo De Felici (currently knocking it out of the park on OBLIVION SONG with writer Robert Kirkman, as well as his spectacular coloring work on our own ORPHANS series) conjured up some of the wildest characters for this one! Considering the number of undead monsters he whipped up for this volume, its no wonder he went on to collaborate with the master of modern zombies!

Ann Ninurta character sketches by Lorenzo De Felici
Mercenary (and scoundrel) Casey, by Lorenzo De Felici
A few of the alien members on Casey's team, by Lorenzo De Felici

“Apocalypse Day” follows security agent and single-mother Ann Ninurta as she is drawn into one of the eight parallel timelines initiated by the captain of the Infinity 8 starship in his attempt to discover the origin of the mysterious galaxy-sized rubble field that they are trapped in. But as close as agent Ninurta comes to finding the secret to this mystery, her daughter’s safety puts her duty in question… as well as the safety of the entire population of the ship (and possibly the entire universe)!


INFINITY 8 volume 5: APOCALYPSE DAY is in stores now!