The sixth story arc in the 8-arc sci-fi series INFINITY 8 debuted on comic shop shelves this week, introducing a new creative team and storyline to the interstellar mystery. Writers Lewis Trondheim and Emmanuel Guibert have some wild concepts in store for this one, with artist Franck Biancarelli stepping to the plate on art.

Before setting out on actual layouts and panel art, Franck spent time fleshing out the various characters and aliens featured in the tale. Check out a few of his sketches below!

From corpse-eating necrophages to sentient plant-people, you never know what you’ll run into in the universe of Infinity 8…! And each creative team brings a whole new facet to this wild reality.

Frank Biancarelli started out as a mathematics professor before being lured to the world of comics by author Christian Rossi. His knack for drawing led to his first published work in 1997, “The Heir to the Throne”, which quickly led to full-time work on numerous projects, including “The Book of Destinies” which was an official selection at the prestigious Angouleme Festival.

He attributes influences by many American authors and artists, in particular Alex Toth, Gil Kane, Milton Caniff, Neal Adams, and Joe Kubert, as well as the great Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez.

He most recently completed the original graphic novel mystery “A Mistake, Of Course” with writer Denis Robert.