Now in stores and comic shops everywhere:  POS by PIerre Paquet and Jesus Alonso, and GHOST MONEY #4 by Thierry Smolderen and Dominique Bertail!


POS is the true story of French comic publisher Pierre Paquet, who started publishing original graphic novels out of his own pocket in 1996. It was a small operation at first, but slowly grew into one of Europe’s most respected labels. Starting his own publishing company from scratch wasn’t easy, especially with all of the other stresses in life: freeloading friendships, financial worries, professional betrayal, peer pressure, and let’s not forget girl problems… Fortunately, there was one thing he could count on no matter what: a dog named Sonny.

POS is an honest, heartfelt, funny, and touching memoir by the Eisner-nominated writer of A GLANCE BACKWARD, revealing the true trials and tribulations of maintaining relationships while chasing independence. Sometimes when you focus on a dream too hard, the most important things in life get lost, even when they’re sitting right in front of you…


With the Emir in hiding and on the run, and Kendrick’s team starting to fray, tensions begin to boil. A terrorist attack claims the lives of British royalty and threaten an upcoming summit in Dubai, with both Chamza and Lindsay caught in the crossfire…