In comic shops today:  LITTLE TAILS IN THE FOREST and LITTLE TAILS IN THE JUNGLE, the first two books in the adorable new wildlife series by Frederic Brremaud and Federico Bertolucci, creators of LOVE!

Chipper and Squizzo are a precocious puppy and squirrel who love to explore new and exciting environments, flying their cardboard box airplane to wondrous worlds full of fascinating animals and creatures.  In each volume of this fun, educational series, they tour a different location, encountering the real-world animals found there in beautiful illustration and fun cartoon strip antics.  The first volume takes them into the Forest, where they discover bugs, birds, bears, and more, while the second volume takes them around the world, to the jungles of South America, Africa, and Asia, where they encounter tigers, elephants, snakes, and sloths!