Speculative sci-fi and action-noir collide in the fast-paced, mind-bending, hi-tech thriller HUGO BROYLER — half graphic novel, half tabletop racing game… and it’s speeding its way to shelves in early February!

Hugo Broyler was a top racer in the World Static Velocity Levitation circuit when a tragic accident  on the track left him injured mere feet from the finish line.  Returning to the circuit two years later, he finds a lot has changed, with new obstacles to overcome beyond standard league rivalry: shady corporate sponsors, criminal debt collectors, mysterious implant hackers, and a voice in his head claiming to be the ghost of his dead rival…

This action-packed, 84-page future-noir adventure set the tone for a world covered in smart-tarmac, where  high-speed, self-controlled vehicles are commonplace.  This all-too-forseeable future opens the door to a world of cyber-crime and conspiracy that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Reading about the excitement is only half of this book, however.

Flip the volume upside down to find another 60 pages of rules and source material to role-play your own tabletop version of SVL racing!  Roll your own racer stats, design your own car, join a corporate team, layout a track, and compete in a high-speed race against friends and NPCs to gain circuit status.

Featuring illustrations by top-talent such as Rafael Albuquerque (American Vampire), Bengal (Batgirl), Matteo de Longis (VOX), Leandro Fernandez (Punisher), Marcelo Frusin (Hellblazer), Renato Guedes (Wolverine), Zach Howard (Wild Blue Yonder), Daniel Warren Johnson (Space Mullet), and Francisco Ruiz Velasco (Pacific Rim)!