How To Redeem Points for Gift Cards


1) From your Ambassador Point dashboard, select “Ways to Redeem” and select a gift card. It will say “View” to see the item/offer.

2) Click “Redeem” to exchange points for that item.

3) You will then see a discount code that will make the Gift Card free at checkout.
NOTE: You are purchasing a Gift Card as if it is an item from our store!
You must “Add product to cart” to add that Gift Card to your basket, like any other item you might purchase.
(The “Add to cart” button will turn into a checkmark if/when successfully added.)

4) The discount code will be automatically applied to your cart, making that Gift Card item FREE. You can have other items in the cart, too — the discount will just make that Gift Card item free. (Note, however, that you can only apply one discount to your cart, so you may wish to purchase the free Gift Card as a separate transaction from any other items.)

5) When you complete the order, your Gift Card will be emailed to you. It will contain a unique 16-digit number that you can then use in another future transaction like a credit card. If you wish to share or send this Gift Card to a friend, simply forward the email to them.
The unique number is not tied to any account and can be used by anyone, so keep it secure! We cannot look up your number if you lose it!
Your email will look something like this:

Click “View gift card” to see your unique number.

6) To use the Gift Card number, enter it in the “Gift Card or discount code” box the next time you check out.

Enter the number in the discount box and press “Apply”…
…and the Gift Card balance will be applied to the bottom line of your cart!

7) Voila! The discount code box should still be there to add another discount (unless you have a bundle in your cart… those take up the discount slot). When you’re finished, simply proceed to complete your transaction.