No April Fools here! We’ve got two brand new titles exploding onto the scene in June — the gonzo space-western GUNLAND and the debut of the amazing MISTER INVINCIBLE! Check ’em out!

In a bizarre sci-fi western world, where cyborg bounty hunters ride dinosaurs and magical skulls give powers to alien outlaws, the notorious Doolin brothers seek a stash hidden in a heist gone sour. And the key to finding it might be the young girl they recently rescued from a parallel dimension… a girl with uncanny skills with a pair of revolvers…

The first volume in a gonzo new adventure series from the wild imagination of cartoonist Captain Artiglio!

Meet Mister Invincible — he has the amazing power to bend space and time… by breaking the rules of comic books! Panel and page borders can’t contain his might! His incredible, creative intellect always shows him the most amazing solutions to seemingly insurmountable dangers! He really is the one and only true comic book superhero!

A wholly unique and creative twist on conventional comic-book reading experience, this wacky Middle Grade title will put your imagination to the test! Written and illustrated by the comic book genius, Pascal Jousselin!