LRNZ has always had a passion for interactivity, having spent quite some time on two original game designs in particular. Today’s Spotlight Gallery focuses on those two passion projects: RADIAL and HARVESTAR!

“RADIAL is a time-based puzzle game, with a performance-heavy gameplay mechanic meant to exploit mobile and tablet devices. The whole graphic system relies on an adaptive, modular system that generates endless visual configurations for each stage. Music is also a big part of Radial, involving the masterful use of procedural tunes assembled by electronic music virtuoso PANORAM. RADIAL is probably one of the most passionate projects I have worked on throughout my career. It was in development seemingly forever. Scheduled to be released in October 2014, it is my only true regret: I designed the game in 2012 and I still can’t find a way to complete its  production due to the lack of a proper dev team.”

RADIAL Beta Promo video


“These are some character designs made for an online RTS game called “The Harvestar”. Each character has a dynamic palette and comes in 4 different chromatic flavors.
Each character is driven by a resource available in the game, as is their look. The Harvestar is an innovative Real-Time Strategy game that stands on the shoulders of  MADMASS. As such, The Harvestar benefits from some of the most cutting-edge technologies out there: Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and HTML5. The Harvestar is a multi-player game where you can challenge up to 3 of your friends in real time.”

Creating a HARVESTAR character

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