Today’s gallery focuses on some of LRNZ’s concept art and design for various film productions.

According to LRNZ —

“What I love about doing concept art is being the first to see things that will only exist later in development, after a lot of technical documents have been realized in the physical world. The exclusivity that vision implies brings a completely different function to drawing, to define exactly what you have in mind, making it accessible to others in the most pristine and detailed way possible. Drawings become a way to not only capture reality but to actually mold and define it, and I love the fact that anything left behind in the drawings will never see the light of day.”

The Nostalgist is a 2014 science fiction short film, written and directed by Giacomo Cimini, based on the short story The Nostalgist by Daniel H. Wilson.It was produced by Giacomo Cimini, Tommaso Colognese and Pietro Greppi for Wonder Room Productions. It stars Lambert Wilson as the father and Samuel Joslin as the son. The short film was filmed in London and explores the themes of loss, nostalgia and robotics. It is noted for its performances and visual effects.

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“Monolith became a live-action movie while I was working to the book! I became involved with the film as a visual supervisor, and traveled to the USA to oversee all of the production design. I tried to convey all of the experience gained from working on the set of the movie, focused on recreating what I actually saw out there in the Utah desert, without letting any European clichés or visual culture alter the many vivid memories of those beautiful, amazing new places.”

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“I was very lucky, honoured and proud to have the chance to design the official movie poster for “The Book of Vision”, by Carlo S. Hintermann, produced by Terrence Malick. I contributed to various creative aspects of the movie: conceptual visual design and VFX supervising mostly, but I also designed the logo and the opening and closing title sequences.

Watch the trailer for THE BOOK OF VISION

Visit LRNZ.IT for more information on many of these works, including production sketches, commentary, and process images of the works in progress!

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