Today’s LRNZ Spotlight Gallery focuses on some of the many amazing posters he has designed for promotional campaigns, pop culture conventions, music events, and even the Japan F1 Grand Prix!

According to LRNZ —

“Strangely enough, music is my strongest source for visual inspiration. Give me Perlence Subrange 6-36 by Autechre on some decent loudspeakers and I can clearly see the future…”

WACOM Live. Dare. Create. | International booth artwork

“I designed the official image for WACOM presence at international creative events in 2019. The file itself is a 35K wide image.”


“Back in 2006 and 2007, I worked for friends at Finalfrontier creating illustrations to promote a super cool series of electronic music parties, featuring guests like Theo Parrish, Autechre, Kevin Saunderson, and Mr. Oizo just to mention a few. NOVA was the party’s name, and the LRNZ broken star was born here — it originally started as a logo for the party itself, but became my personal logo later.”

ARF Comics Festival poster

Visit LRNZ.IT for more information on many of these works, including production sketches, commentary, and process images of the works in progress!

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