We are shining a white-hot spotlight on artist/designer LRNZ all week long as part of our campaign for MONOLITH (now running on Kickstarter).

Today’s gallery focuses on a variety of the many covers he has created for books, comics, and magazines.

According to LRNZ —

“Whether drawing or painting a piece, be it traditional or digital, a very specific design process is implied, focusing on what’s really important to convey within a single image. While it can become a complex structure, there is no before or after in a single illustration; it’s all about that single moment captured. In sequential work, there exists the need for an additional layer of consistency that must be achieved without spoiling the uniqueness of the single image. A standalone illustration should keep its power to initiate wonder as a one of a kind image. That’s why you will find very different techniques in these works, as I strive to capture those fleeting images that pass through my imagination with no specific mental boundaries, setting aside “rules” to start each piece from scratch, and to change tactics in order to render those details Life is providing.”

LRNZ’s MONOLITH graphic novel
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A feature-length psychological thriller written by Roberto Recchioni and Mauro Uzzeo and illustrated by LRNZ as a 180-page 9×12″ gallery quality hardcover!

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