We are thrilled to share a 6 page preview of the forthcoming graphic novel WARSHIP JOLLY ROGER Book One – NO TURNING BACK. Created & illustrated by master artist Miquel Montllo and written by award winning author Sylvain Runberg (Millenium Trilogy, Orbital).

WARSHIP JOLLY ROGER Book One is now available for pre-order on the Magnetic Press webstore, as well as from local comic and book stores. WARSHIP JOLLY ROGER Book One will be in stores this July!

For more info check out the WARSHIP JOLLY ROGER webpage!

Confederation Commander Jon T. Munro was serving a life sentence for a war crime he was forced to commit, left to take the fall for the politicians and brass who were truly to blame. But now he is free, after a jailbreak gone awry, and in possession of the most powerful cruiser in the Confederate Armada, which he renamed “The Jolly Roger.”

On the run with a rag-tag crew of misfit ex-cons, his agenda is simple:


Created and Illustrated by Miquel Montllo
Written by Sylvain Runberg
In Stores July 2016

“The future is harrowing and bleak but Miquel Montllo’s lush environments will make you want to live there anyway. Absolutely gorgeous.”

– IVAN BRANDON (Drifter, VS, Viking)

“Jolly Roger is a spectacular space opera in the tradition of Star Wars with all the raw brutality of a spaghetti western. Themes of political corruption, loyalty, betrayal and bloody revenge are illustrated with beautifully expressive art that has the production values of big budget animation. Outstanding!”

 DAVID HINE (Bulletproof Coffin, X-Men, The Man Who Laughs)

“Stone cold beautiful and razor wire sharp. This is as good as comics get.”

– DONNY CATES (The Paybacks, Interceptor, Ghost Fleet)