We updated the ARSENE LUPIN campaign page revealing our next (and probably last) three stretch goals for the campaign!

We discussed some of the many book-enhancement ideas with our printer, and while most of them are unfortunately too late to implement (since all of the interior page blocks have already been printed), the one thing that could still be added during final binding is a nice, .25″ satin ribbon bookmark. This will not only add yet more class to this already-spiffy volume, but will also come in handy when you’re done reading and need to turn in for the night. 😊

We set that goal at $80k as, quite frankly, at the (amazing) pace we’ve been going, that seems to be a relatively safe bet to hit in the last 48hours (unless things really start to slow down in these last 9 days). The deadline for letting the factory know is the day after this campaign ends, so the timing couldn’t be better.

The last two goals, however, aren’t as certain… but we’re hoping! Considering this campaign is a full week shorter than most of our other campaigns, the thought of hitting either goal would be SPECTACULAR, but we’d like to stay calm and pragmatic until we actually get there…

At $90k, we will include a numbered 4×6″ bookplate with each copy of the book purchased through this campaign. This bookplate will only be included with Kickstarter pledges! And while it won’t be signed by the artist (unfortunately), it will still be individually numbered and incredibly exclusive. (Note: these will not be inserted or affixed to the book itself, but you should feel quite free to mount it inside the cover yourself if you’d like. 😊 Also note: there’s no real practical way to match your bookplate number to your backer number, so we can’t really entertain those requests.)

If we miraculously manage to hit $100k, we will add a second golden lapel pinto each physical pledge order. Both the “Lupin” and “Sholmes” pins will come mounted on a single full-color backing card. For anyone who has backed previous campaigns that unlocked similar lapel pins, you know these will be really nice.

We continue to be gratefully amazed by the daily performance of this campaign. THIS IS SUCH A WONDERFUL BOOK, we really shouldn’t be surprised, but we’re so happy that it is finding such an eager and enthusiastic following! You really are in store for something special, and we hope you’ll spread the word to as many people you know (so that everyone can benefit from these last awesome stretch goal bonuses)!