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An apocalyptic graphic novel of blockbuster proportions with bonus campaign-exclusive production sketchbook FREE with first 1000 copies!



Future Earth, just over the horizon, plagued by climate change, wars, disease, and mass migrations. Mankind ignored the warning signs and when the climate reached its breaking point, only a sliver of humanity could afford to shelter from the elements. The rest of the world suffered, died, or did whatever was necessary to survive.

Solal is one of them. An orphan and expert mechanic, he has only one goal: to save his little sister, Eva, from the chronic disease that is eating her away. But medication has slowly disappeared from the face of the Earth. Their only hope for a cure: find a way inside ED3N, a technological paradise where the wealthy once took refuge.

But ED3N has become little more than a legend that smugglers and other criminals use to lure refugees in distress to certain death because anyone who approaches ED3N must first get through the wall…

A spectacular dystopic adventure created by film director
Antoine Charreyron and artist Mario Alberti!

THE WALL is a fast-paced, cinematic survival story mixing elements of science fiction and horror, a gripping drama  that plunges us into a maelstrom of dust, rust, and blood with poignant extrapolation of today’s climate issues and the politics of refugee migration.

A wild post-apocalyptic road movie which, in the purest tradition of the genre, questions the future of humanity and the consequences of our actions.