TEMUDJIN pre-reg landing page

A lushly illustrated fantasy graphic novel about a man who could be the reborn Genghis Khan, by Antoine Ozanam and Antoine Carrion.

A child is born in an ancient and distant land, celebrated by the shaman Ozbeg who senses the spirit of greatness inside him. Orphaned at birth, the shaman takes the boy in and names him Temudjin in anticipation of the man he is destined to become. But first, he must be guided and trained to listen to the spirits of nature around him, for one day, he will lead the Mongol clans to glory as the reborn Genghis Khan.

``A virtual symphony that runs from quiet introspection to explosive tremoring warfare.``

The gallery-sized hardcover edition features a reflective silver foil cover with signature curved corners.

In addition to the standalone book, we are also offering a campaign-exclusive “Journeyman” bundle that includes a numbered bookplatefour exclusive linen cardstock prints, a metal Chingiss era replica coin, and the hardcover book within a printed 13×16″ cotton drawstring satchel.