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Early Access: CARBON & SILICON and SHANGRI-LA by Mathieu Bablet

Two sweeping tales of speculative science-fiction in the proud tradition of Arthur C Clarke, Isaac Asimov, and Philip K. Dick, exploring contemporary issues through the framework of an alternate — but not entirely unbelievable — reality.

Presented in premium oversized hardcover and limited edition foil-embossed slipcase boxed set.

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Two androids crisscross the planet for centuries in search of themselves and each other while civilization crumbles around them…

Mankind has abandoned a desolate Earth to live in space and prepares to take the next evolutionary step…

Widely recognized for their excellence, SHANGRI-LA was selected for the Fauve d’Or Award for Best Graphic Novel at the Angouleme International Comic Festival in 2017 and CARBON & SILICON won the 2017 FNAC prize for Best Graphic Novel of 2020.

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