PISTOUVI – Sample pages

Jeanne is a little girl who lives with Pistouvi, a young fox, in a charming little cabin at the top of a giant tree, surrounded by a prairie tended by a giant ‘tractor-man’ and the wind-spirit he loves. Together they spend frolicking days without responsibility, but soon, adulthood creeps into their lives…

This lyrical fable written by Merwan and illustrated by Bertrand Gatignol is coming to stores in late October, and is also available through the ASTER OF PAN (also by Merwan) Kickstarter campaign now running through September 17th.

PISTOUVI is also available through the ASTER OF PAN Kickstarter, also by author Merwan!


in this deluxe 200page watercolored hardcover graphic novel by MERWAN, with exclusive variant cover by PEACH MOMOKO.