Magnetic-Con 2022 pre-registration

Can’t make it to San Diego Comic-Con next week? No problem!
You’ve got remote access to Magnetic Press’s virtual convention booth filled with exclusive items and limited editions only available during our First Annual Virtual MAGNETIC-CON campaign!


ConceptuallyMAGNETIC-CON is a celebration of the best graphic novels and art books published by Magnetic Press, past, present, and future, showcasing some of the most creatively original and inspiring talent and projects from around the world.

In ACTUALITYMAGNETIC-CON is simply our creative excuse to put out our own cool Convention Art Book, branded virtual-attendee badges and lanyards, fashionable event Tees, and an awesome limited-edition VIP Box filled with collectible loot that will only be available through this campaign!

PLUS: You’ll have access to our virtual booth in Backerkit after the campaign where you will find OVER 120 BOOKS and HARD TO FIND COLLECTIBLES available to add to your order!

This is not a real convention per se — no live event location, no panels, no costume contests, special screenings, etc — just one awesome online Kickstarter event full of hot exclusive stuff! It’s like having a Comic-Con booth, but on Kickstarter so that anyone can participate!

Virtual Convention Booth launching on Kickstarter Tuesday, July 19th at 10am CST!
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Headlining the MAGNETIC-CON offerings is the premiere issue of MAGNETIC-CON BOOK 1, a “Convention Art Book” featuring 64 pages of new and exciting artwork and interviews from some of Magnetic’s most popular creators, as well as a look at some of the exciting projects currently in the works!

In addition to MAGNETIC-CON BOOK 1, your pledge-registration (“pledgistration”…?) will also include an official MAGNETIC-CON 2022 Lanyard and Badge FREE with the first 1000 physical copies!


For an even more immersive experience, 500 lucky fans can pledge at the VIP Tier to receive a motherlode of awesome loot! This tier includes not only the MAGNETIC-CON BOOK 1 and Lanyard but also a premium VIP Loot Box filled with collectible items and TWO NEW BOOKS! Choose from five different box themes!

A $125 value for only $60!


There will be OVER 120 BOOKS and COLLECTIBLE ITEMS available for you to supplement your order, covering a wide range of product categories! Missed out on some collectible stretch goal items from previous Kickstarter campaigns? We’ve collected the rare remainders so that you can have one more crack at them!

Categories will include:

  • Limited Edition linen cardstock prints by hot artists including Peach Momoko and Karl KerschlLess than 100 of these are available!

  • Rare Bonus Sketchbooks for titles such as PARIS 2119, ASTER OF PAN, SMALL WORLD, and SHANGRI-LA. Very limited quantities left!

  • Past campaign Challenge Coins – yes, you read that right! We’ve got a few dozen coins left over from some of our previous campaigns… now’s your chance to complete your collection!

  • Rare remaining soundtrack vinyl singles from ASTER OF PAN, SMALL WORLD, and SHANGRI-LA

  • Selected recent book releases, Eisner nominees, and discounted backlist hits

  • Plus an assortment of other previous campaign stretch goal items, including lapel pins, patches, postcards, and bookmarks!