KLAW: WERE-WARS preregistration page

The Were-Wars have begun. Are you ready?

There exists among us hidden individuals carrying ancient animal totems that bestow powerful abilities upon their hosts. The price for that power is participating in an ageless, secret war for supremacy. These hosts – known as DIZHIS – have kept largely to the shadows of society, using their talents to build quiet empires of influence throughout the millennia. But now, their whispered rivalry is about to explode in a violent tournament for dominance, and only the most clever and fortunate will prevail.

KLAW: WERE-WARS is a game of conquest and combat set amidst a secret, ancient struggle between supernormal animal spirits and their human Dizhi hosts since pre-recorded time. The goal of the game is simple:

Become the most powerful Dizhi, eliminating all contenders.

(HOW TO PLAY video uses prototype cards and CARBON GREY dice. Final product arriving from the manufacturer in November.)

``Awesome action and drama -- it's like ANIMORPHS meets X-MEN!``

Not only are we releasing this exciting new card-and-dice game, but the graphic novel series continues in the brand new fourth volume, KLAW: THE CYCLE REBORN!

New to the series? No problem! Grab the new hardcover and get digital copies of all four volumes for ONE LOW PRICE! THE COMPLETE KLAW SAGA (so far)!

Enhance your immersion into the world of KLAW with campaign-exclusive add-ons and extras that will only be produced for this campaign!

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