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A coming-of-age graphic novel fairy tale told in a beautiful animated style by
JC Deveney and illustrator Nuria Tamarit.

A farmer finds a baby abandoned in the middle of the valley, but this is no normal baby… it is already the size of his horse cart! How can something so big be so helpless? Taking the giant child in, his wife and sons welcome the new addition to the family, whom they name Celeste. Raising a giant won’t be easy but growing up is fraught with its own challenges no matter your size…

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The story so far…

Celeste was found as an infant in the woods by a simple farmer who brought the helpless giant baby into his home where he and his wife raised the girl equally with their six other sons. It was a happy, normal upbringing, but one by one, the brothers left the farm to find their place in the outside world, and Celeste eventually dreamed of doing the same.

One day, she meets a wandering merchant who promises to show her the nearby town, a destination as exotic-sounding as anything else Celeste could imagine…

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