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A new action-packed tale of courage, ambition, trust, and betrayal from the author of the award-winning ASTER OF PAN, Merwan!

``It's like THE KARATE KID set in a FINAL FANTASY universe!``

Young Mané is full of envy and strength, two essential qualities for someone who dreams of entering PANKAT,  a brutal martial art and school of philosophy for those who practice it. Stalking the greatest Pankat school in Irap, Mané does what he can to prove himself to Eïam, one of the greatest masters of all time. But meanwhile, outside the gym, he is courted by Féssat, a former student of Eïam’s who will try to lead the young man into a life of crime.  The rules of life aren’t always as straightforward as the regulations of a Pankat fight…

The complete 216-page saga is presented in a premium oversized trade paperback with curved corners and an embossed cover!

Running on Kickstarter from Tuesday Sept 7 through Friday Sept 17th!
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The story mixes intense arena combat with the moral drama of climbing the ladder of fame and fortune. Each player has their personal dream, but the team is like a family… and families are often torn apart by unchecked ambition…

To the strongest goes the glory, but what value is there when you’ve alienated yourself from those who cared for you most?

Another sweeping adventure series by master world-builder MERWAN, whose unique vision and style create a fantasy world unlike anything else.

We do have more rewards lined up beyond the Challenge Coin, but with this only being a 10-day campaign, we don’t want to assume how far we’ll get in that abbreviated amount of time. We’ll gladly pull back the curtain on more stuff if we get close to the Coin, however!