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A beautiful new edition of Maurice Leblanc’s classic crime capers featuring the original gentleman thief, illustrated by Vincent Mallie.

On July 15th, 1905, novelist Maurice Leblanc introduced the world to ARSENE LUPIN, a charming, clever, and debonair master thief capable of rivaling even the most popular sensational sleuth of the time, Sherlock Holmes. Through a series of 17 novels and 39 novellas, this dashing anti-hero became the inspiration for over a century’s worth of film, television, comic books, and animation hits that continue to this very day, including the recent live-action LUPIN series on Netflix and the beloved anime series LUPIN THE 3rd (which itself celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year).

Now, 115 years later, Magnetic Press is proud to offer a brand-new, beautifully illustrated English edition of the first Arsène Lupin novel, ARSENE LUPIN, GENTLEMAN THIEF. This collection of the first nine novellas reintroduces the master thief for a new generation, vividly illustrated by celebrated artist Vincent Mallie.

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``The charming criminal counterpoint to the famous Sherlock Holmes.``

In addition to the standalone hardcover edition, we are offering a campaign-exclusive “Cipher” edition that includes a pocket journal (for noting important caper details), a gold foil bookmarka metal cipher coin of fate (Lupin on the front, Sholmes on the back), a Seven-of-Hearts cipher key card (as featured in one of the stories), a clear window cling (to mark your visit), and other in-world artifacts and puzzles to solve.

Those who wish to bundle their order with additional, related titles can add them to any pledge. For example, fans may also be interested in the brand-new, upcoming LUPIN THE 3rd 50th ANNIVERSARY Artbook celebrating five decades of the popular anime character LUPIN III created in 1971 by Monkey Punch inspired by Leblanc’s classic antihero.
(Trivia: Monkey Punch’s character is meant to be the grandson of Leblanc’s Arsene Lupin.)

(Note: The new edition of ARSENE LUPIN offered in this campaign is being independently produced with no connection to or involvement with TMS, Monkey Punch studios, or this LUPIN THE 3rd ANNIVERSARY BOOK. This add-on is being offered purely as a suggested recommendation of potential similar interest. Due to license restrictions, we cannot ship this Artbook to Italy, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, South Korea, or Japan. LUPIN THE 3rd © Monkey Punch / 2019 LUPIN THE 3rd Film Partners. All Rights Reserved. © Monkey Punch/TMS/NTV)

This upcoming celebration art book will be released in June.
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