Comics to Games: Three New Tabletop Games Based on Graphic Novels

Tabletop RPGs make for a great night with friends or even a multi-day extravaganza that encourages camaraderie and competition. At Magnetic Press, we don’t just print some of the most creative graphic novels in the world, but we turn some of those titles into role-playing games for the enjoyment of all. Here are three of our new RPGs for you and your friends and/or family to enjoy together! Shop these and more today with Magnetic Press.

Carbon Grey

Inspired by the comic book series Carbon Grey, this incredible tabletop game allows you to explore a war-torn, diesel-punk universe where you get to survive trench warfare, practice espionage, and manipulate the strange powers that control the surrounding world.

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Hugo Broyler

With a 56-page tabletop-RPG gameplay section, Hugo Broyler explores the world of static-levitation racing. In this game, you take on a transportation job for a local crime lord while fending off an arch-rival. This game is simple and fast — perfect for any player 14 and up!

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The World of Cassyno

The World of Cassyno is a world of dark fantasy and games of chance. Complete with unique character art, you can choose from numerous stories from medieval espionage to magical intrigue. This game set includes one deck of illustrated playing cards and one world book for a game like no other.

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Magnetic Press Play

Magnetic Press Play specializes in creating RPG games that everyone can play and enjoy based on their favorite graphic novels. RPG games make for an incredible experience for everyone involved in the session. Whether it’s a quick game on a Friday night or a week-long pursuit of adventure on the board, we’ve got a growing variety of games for you to enjoy, with more in development for next year!

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