Cassegrain’s art is a feast for the eyes!

Our current Kickstarter campaign features both Black Water Lilies and Trapped on Zarkass, two cinematic graphic novels illustrated by the master of mixed media, Didier Cassegrain.
DIDIER CASSEGRAIN was born in France in 1966 and has grown into one of the most unique contemporary European graphic novel artists of our day. Didier met celebrated BD (bande dessinée – French for “comics”) creators Fred Blanchard and Olivier Vatine when he worked at Disney Studios Montreuil for a year, after a brief stint at France Animation. Both of these influential peers suggested he pursue comics as a medium for storytelling, encouraging him to explore the creative opportunities it offered. Soon enough, Cassegrain first appeared as an illustrator on the series Tâo Bâng, written by Vatine and Daniel Pecker.


With that fun project earning fans, Didier continued to focus most of his energy on animation, however, providing character designs in the animation department on other such projects as DuckTales the Movie, Talespin, Corto Maltese: Secret Court of the Arcanes, and Seaside Hotel.
At that point, however, comics continued to beckon. He helped co-create the character of Carmen McCallum (Carmen+Travis, Code McCallum) with writer Fred Duval for Delcourt, and a number of other sci-fi and fantasy books that eventually led to his participation in the Stefan Wul project at Ankama spearheaded by Olivier Vatine. That success led to his participation in the Conan the Cimmerian series (Red Nails), and ultimately Black Water Lilies, which earned him his first Eisner Award nomination.
He is currently working on Kingdom of Bears, co-created by Vatine and written by Dobbs. (Keep your eyes peeled here for news on that project…)

If you aren’t familiar with his extensive catalog of illustrations or titles, be sure to view the gallery below. Get up to speed on exactly how amazing Cassegrain is. The dynamic nature of his sequential art captures everything you can expect from Black Water Lilies and Trapped on Zarkass