Our latest Kickstart campaign has launched! Check out these two amazing, award-winning sci-fi graphic novels by the extraordinary Mathieu Bablet!

In CARBON & SILICON, two androids crisscross the planet for centuries in search of themselves and each other while civilization crumbles around them…

While in SHANGRI-LA, mankind has abandoned a desolate Earth to live in space and prepares to take the next evolutionary step…

These two extraordinary tales of speculative hard-SciFi are written and illustrated by one of the most exciting authors working in graphic novels today, Mathieu Bablet (@mathieubablet). Coming in at 272 and 224 pages respectively, these stories are epic by definition, with events that span centuries across broad vistas and solar distances. These are visionary, cinematic blockbusters that evoke the depth and wonder of films by Stanley Kubrick, Ridley Scott, and Denis Villeneuve.

Each book is a complete story, thoughtful and challenging, skillfully presenting contemporary social issues within the framework of an alternate reality in the proud tradition of Philip K. Dick, Isaac Asimov, and Arthur C. Clarke.

Widely recognized for their excellence, SHANGRI-LA was selected for the Fauve d’Or Award for Best Graphic Novel at the Angouleme International Comic Festival in 2017 and CARBON & SILICON won the 2017 FNAC prize for Best Graphic Novel of 2020. Originally published in France by the infamous Label 619, we are now thrilled to offer both phenomenal books in premium, oversized hardcover editions in English, along with an exclusive, sophisticated slipcase set.