On the Front, nothing is black or white. Everything is a shade of Grey...

A war-torn dieselpunk universe to explore

In Carbon Grey, you take on the role of heroes struggling against a seemingly unstoppable empire with world-conquering aspirations.

Survive the grimness of trench warfare. Dare to soar the deadly skies. Master the art of espionage to uncover the secrets of your enemies. Navigate the social hierarchy and underhanded dealings of both the nobility and the underworld. Learn to manipulate the strange powers that affect the very reality of the world around you.

In a world made of war, battle lines are fluid. Skirmishes are fought not only in the mud, muck, and mire but also in the ballroom. In order to win even a small victory, one needs to be willing to go to any lengths or die trying. Such is the world of Carbon Grey.

Welcome to the World of Carbon Grey

CARBON GREY is a brand-new Role-Playing Game based on the popular graphic novel series created by Hoang Nguyen, Khari Evans, Paul Gardner, and Kinson Loh. It is set in an alternate history that at first blush resembles World War One, but with drastic, noticeable differences: fantastic and often futuristic technologies, supernatural abilities, unearthly creatures, and unexplainable phenomena that will leave you guessing.

Become a wartime hero

Take on the role of an operative or pawn awakened from blissful unawareness to the fantastic forces secretly at play in the universe.

As one of twenty-four unique character archetypes, you’ll be gifted with talents and abilities you choose to make your presence unique and indispensable to uncovering – and perhaps stopping – the hidden machinations manipulating world events.

Navigate the treacherous water of nobility as a Sovereign or Free Lady. Silence opposition as a deadly Royal Operative or Reluctant Mentor. Own the battlefield as a Trench Fighter or rule the skies as a Dogfighter. Navigate the underworld as a Moonlighter or Master Spy. Or walk the edge of reality as a mystical Dharman Adept or sentient Fenris Wolf.

The return of the D6 System by West End Games

CARBON GREY is built on the time-tested legacy of the D6 System by seminal developer West End Games. With a history of role-playing games based on popular properties including STAR WARS, GHOSTBUSTERS, MEN IN BLACK, and THE DC UNIVERSE, this well-known and accessible RPG system will allow players to dive into the world of CARBON GREY quickly and easily. Taking full advantage of the unique and popular “Wild Die” feature, adventures in CARBON GREY will be as thrilling and cinematic as players dare to imagine.



Over the years, various versions of the D6 System have been developed by West End Games and its affiliates for different types of gameplay. The Carbon Grey Role-playing Game is the first to use the Magnetic Variant of these classic tabletop role-playing game rules (D6MV), rewinding the D6 system back to its classic roots and streamlining it for a modern audience. 

Rules variations unique to the Magnetic Variant of the system include Genre Defined Attributes, Streamlined Skills, and Character Quirks and Obligations

Space/time in Carbon Grey is bent—apply too much pressure and it will snap. We’ve added a special Wild Die to represent this element of chaos to the game—chaos that can cause Continuity Surges, Flux Effects, and more.

Now available in two configurations:

Standalone Hardcover

The beautifully illustrated hardcover core book is filled with setting details, character creation rules, traits and abilities, introductory scenarios, and all rules necessary to become fully immersed in the world of CARBON GREY.

224 pages, 8.5 x 11″ with linen-textured cover, spotUV elements, and curved corners.

$39.99 SRP

Complete Tabletop Boxed Set

Everything you need to bring CARBON GREY to life on your tabletop: the hardcover rule book, twenty-one detailed miniatures varying in scale from 32mm heroes and enemies to a giant 96mm cannon walker, a sturdy 3-panel Game Master screen, 140 character and item cards, a large 24 x 36″ world/battle map, twelve d6 (5x stone dice, 5x light dice, 2x wild dice) with custom pips, and eight boards of punch-out map tokens, all within a linen box with sectionalized vacuum tray.

$149.99 SRP

Download the Quickstart document for the Carbon Grey RPG today and experience a condensed version of the full game! The Quickstart is designed to introduce you to the world of Carbon Grey and the Magnetic Variant of the West End Games D6 System ruleset. It also includes an introductory adventure and some pre-generated characters to play. For the full-force action of this war-torn world, you’ll need the Carbon Grey Role-Playing Game Core Rulebook or Deluxe Boxed Set.

Digital Editions available from DriveThruRPG!

ALSO AVAILABLE: The Complete CARBON GREY Series Hardcover Omnibus

The entire original CARBON GREY comic book series, remastered and re-edited into a single, striking tale of danger and destiny, follows the prophecy of the 13th Grey, the daughter of Gottfaust who is destined to change the fate of the world.

Over 300 pages of gorgeously painted storytelling by Hoang Nguyen, Khari Evans, Paul Gardner, and Kinsun Loh, encased in a premium 8.5 x 11″ linen-textured hardcover with spotUV elements and curved corners.

Exclusive Miniature Sets


CARBON GREY is the first of many tabletop games to be released by MAGNETIC PRESS PLAY, a new imprint of Award-winning graphic novel and artbook publisher MAGNETIC PRESS. Stay tuned for more exciting news and announcements by following us on social media!

An imprint of the award-winning publishing house Magnetic Press, LLC, Magnetic Press Play seeks to bring interactive experiences to their library of award-winning graphic novels, art books, and periodicals, with a focus on tabletop gaming and new media.

Magnetic Press Play, founded and led by entertainment, comics, and game industry veteran Mike Kennedy (Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Electronic Arts, Activision, and others), brings several decades of experience and expertise to each and every project. Currently announced projects and properties include CARBON GREY, based on the Image Comics series by Hoang Nguyen, with several other popular licenses to be revealed.