Our first tabletop game is now live on Kickstarter! The thrilling, war-torn, dieselpunk role-playing experience CARBON GREY is now available for pre-order! Each week, we will be adding a new BONUS LINEN CARDSTOCK PRINT to each physical pledge tier for FREE! So pledge early to get them all!

Get the complete series OMNIBUS GRAPHIC NOVEL, the standalone RPG CORE RULEBOOK, or the DELUXE BOXED SET, which includes the Core Rulebook, 21 detailed miniatures (including a huge 96mm tank-mech), 12 custom dice, 140 character and item cards, a huge 2-sided fold-out battle map, a sturdy 3-panel GM Screen, and 8 boards of punch out map markers and tokens!

CARBON GREY is a brand-new Role-Playing Game based on the popular graphic novel series created by Hoang Nguyen, Khari Evans, Paul Gardner, and Kinson Loh. It is set in an alternate history that at first blush resembles World War One, but with drastic, noticeable differences: fantastic and often futuristic technologies, supernatural abilities, unearthly creatures, and unexplainable phenomena that will leave you guessing.

Take on the role of an operative or pawn awakened from blissful unawareness to the fantastic forces secretly at play in the universe.

As one of twenty-four unique character archetypes, you’ll be gifted with talents and abilities you choose to make your presence unique and indispensable to uncovering – and perhaps stopping – the hidden machinations manipulating world events.

Numerous reward items and stretch goals will be revealed throughout the month-long campaign, including:

  • FREE Bonus items and in-world artifacts to unlock
  • Limited Edition collectible merchandise
  • A hardcover omnibus edition of the sold-out CARBON GREY comic series
  • Additional Enemy types and miniatures
  • Additional maps and gameplay scenarios
  • Unlockable gameplay features and rule expansions