Discover the secrets of BLACK BOX CHRONICLES, an original science-fiction anthology of interconnected stories brought to you by Magnetic Press and production studio Horrible Future!

Filled with stories for fans of speculative and fantastic sci-fi, beautifully rendered by award-winning artists from around the globe, BLACK BOX CHRONICLES will take you on a journey filled with adventure and suspense.

Coming in 2023!

The Scavenger adds another Black Box story to his archive. Art by Mario Alberti.

“I’ve seen things. Terrible things… but a black box never forgets.”

– The Scavenger

In the future, the universe is alive with human explorers. Space travel is no longer the domain of nations and corporations, but a path available to everyday people. Not all journeys end where they originally set forth, and many result in tragedy. Such is the way in the Epoch of Exploration.

Each starfaring spacecraft is equipped with a comprehensive flight data recorder: a Black Box. Salvaging the remnants of a crashed spacecraft can be a highly lucrative business. Recovering the details behind a tragic disaster can reveal hidden truths and untold personal stories, as well as hint towards greater secrets…

The tales in BLACK BOX CHRONICLES are told by The Scavenger, who has been collecting salvaged boxes for decades across the known galaxy. The stories in this anthology are from his prized collection, pieces of a puzzle he has yet to complete…

Art by Gavin Smith and color by Flavio Dispenza.

Featuring some of the best artists and illustrators in the industry, including several Eisner winners!

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