Now Live on Kickstarter, BLACK BOX CHRONICLES!

Discover the secrets of BLACK BOX CHRONICLES, an original science-fiction anthology of interconnected stories brought to you by Magnetic Press and production studio Horrible Future!

Filled with stories for fans of speculative and fantastic sci-fi, beautifully rendered by award-winning artists from around the globe, BLACK BOX CHRONICLES will take you on a journey filled with adventure and suspense.

In the future, the universe is alive with human explorers. Space travel is no longer the domain of nations and corporations, but a path available to everyday people. Not all journeys end where they originally set forth, and many result in tragedy. Such is the way in the Great Outward Expansion.

Each starfaring spacecraft is equipped with a comprehensive data recorder: a Black Box. Salvaging the remnants of a crashed spacecraft can be a highly lucrative business. Recovering the details behind a tragic disaster can reveal hidden truths and untold personal stories, as well as hint towards greater secrets…

Welcome to A NEW ORIGINAL SCI-FI UNIVERSE FROM MAGNETIC PRESS AND HORRIBLE FUTURE! An interconnected sci-fi anthology chronicling mankind’s journey into interstellar space as pieced together from the records recovered from the wreckage of various spacecraft found throughout the cosmos. A bold series of tales by a luminous collection of comics’ most talented creators spanning centuries of a fantastic yet plausible future.


Uncover the mysteries of 13 crashed spacecraft brought to you by a lineup of amazing talent, featuring Eisner, Hugo, and Harvey Award-winners (along with some Magnetic-Press family favorites!)

Written by Horrible Future cofounders MARK SCHEY and CHRIS NORTHROP, this stellar volume includes artwork by celebrated award winners and nominees such as David Mack (Daredevil, Kabuki), Michael Avon Oeming (Powers, Bulletproof Monk), Zach Howard (Hellboy, Wild Blue Yonder), Eryk Donovan (Memetic, Quantum Teens are Go), Marco Fodera (Nathan Never), Gavin Smith (Star Trek: Mirrorverse), Toru Terada (Small World), David Messina (Star Wars: Han Solo & Chewbacca, 3Keys), Giovanni Rigano (Global, Artemis Fowl), Drew Moss (The Crow, Red Sonja), Christian Dibari (Revolvers, Providence of Madness), Taki Soma (Sleeping While Standing, Bitch Planet), Mario Alberti (Spider-man and the Fantastic Four, The Wall), Sarah Baslaim , Flavio Dispenza, K. Michael Russell and M. Sean McManus.

Art by Mario Alberti, one of many artists featured in the anthology.