Magnetic Press is thrilled to announce that THE WORLD OF CASSYNO card game is NOW AVAILABLE and READY FOR SHIPPING!  

Illustrated by master draughtsman and burgeoning superstar BENGAL (Naja, Meka, Batgirl), the Cassyno deck, in addition to being a legal deck of playing cards, is also a rich story world unto itself, complete with it’s own deep mythology and storied history of vying kingdoms and world-shattering magical intrigue. Each suit is a kingdom, and  each card is a specific character with their own backstory and special talent. Every single card in this 54 card deck is a unique character design, meticulously rendered in BENGAL‘s signature brand of jaw-droppingly gorgeous composition.

The World of Cassyno Game Box Set includes a deck of illustrated playing cards and an illustrated World Book that features guest artwork from a fleet of illustration titans like Joe MadureiraMahmud AsrarMarguerite SauvageClaire WendlingEnrique Fernandez, and Bryndon Everett.

Bryndon Everett‘s artwork from the Cassyno World Book

The games draw heavily on the fiction outlined in the World Book, where each noble house has its own occupations, strengths and weaknesses.  The games are for 1 – 12 players, ages 8 and up, with various playing times. Single decks, without the world book are available. The box set is $25.00. The deck itself is available for $12.00.

RETAILERS NOTE:  World of Cassyno is not yet available through any distribution catalog. We are working on setting up hobby accounts now, but this may take time. WE ARE OFFERING WHOLESALE TERMS TO STORES INTERESTED IN ORDERING FROM US DIRECTLY! (Contact David Dissanayake, Director of Sales & Marketing:

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GAME BOX SET: $25 (includes card deck and world book)



LIMITED UNCUT CARD SHEET: $22 (Only 30 prints available, while supplies last)

Uncut Cassyno Card Sheet



Border Designs for Each Suit

Queen of Diamonds: Lady Cyan of Sylensis (Lithograph Version)

Ace of Spades: Terpentium

Ace of Hearts: Rigardo Duomo

King of Spades: Jumini Greenhorn (lithograph version)