In advance of our debut appearance at this week’s San Diego Comic-Con International (booth #1620), we announced today our plans to publish LUMINAE, a critically acclaimed graphic novel set in the first original fantasy universe created by renowned illustrator and concept artist Bengal (NAJA, MEKA).

LUMINAE follows a sisterhood of six female warriors tasked with protecting the mysterious Luminae, a creature of Light in exile from the forces of Darkness that would decimate humanity. When Luminae disappears and Darkness threatens, this sisterhood must use their individual strengths, powers, and force of will to protect both humanity and Luminae from otherworldly creatures and impending doom.

The video can be viewed and embedded through the following link:

Bengal is celebrated among the international comic book and illustration community for his expressive, dynamic style that blends European composition and texture with Asian flair and anime-inspired linework.  His massive peer following led to the creation of CFSL (or “café salé”), an online community of painters and illustrators in France and Europe, much like Deviantart or CG Society here in the US.  Most noted for his previous releases, NAJA and MEKA (with writer J.D. Morvan), LUMINAE marks his first original creation.

“I’m really excited to show another side of my work to the American audience. Hopefully they’ll be entertained by my fantasy girls!” said LUMINAE creator Bengal.

The 160-page, 8.5” x 11”, hardcover edition of LUMINAE will be released in October, and will be available wherever graphic novels and books are sold.  Look for it in the September issue of PREVIEWS, released to retailers tomorrow (June 23rd).

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