Following an unannounced preview at last week’s Comic-Con International in San Diego, Magnetic Press formally announced today that they will be publishing VOX, a “Rock and Roll Concept Art Book” by illustrator Matteo De Longis.  The reveal in San Diego gathered constant traffic to their booth, with the promise of its release in November of this year.

VOX is described as a rockbook, resonating between the power of rock music and the electric colors of Matteo de Longis’s vivid, visionary imagery.  His deft and unique combination of alluring women, streamlined military hardware, detailed airplanes, cars, birds, and concert equipment make for a signature blend of visual stimuli that is at once engaging and hard to forget.

Born in Bergamo, Italy in 1979, De Longis drew inspiration from Japanese artists such as Terada, Murata, Okama, and Morimoto before contributing to Sky Doll Spaceship Collection and designing the popular vinyl toy character Mekaneko, both for the artpop label Venusdea, created and curated by renowned artist Barbara Canepa.  He was named among Marvel comics ‘Young Guns’ as an up-and-coming talent to watch, providing covers for various Avengers titles.  His focus remains broad, with concentrations on drawing, game design, animation, and art toys.

“I am really excited (and) glad that my book is (being released) by magnetic Press in the U.S. ‘cause I feel (their) editorial line is very close to my taste!” said De Longis.  Magnetic Press’s Publisher, Mike Kennedy, continues “The response to VOX is almost 100% enthusiastic Love – everyone who has seen Matteo’s work is instantly drawn to it.  We couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce this amazing art and artist to the North American audience.  This will, indeed, rock!”

The 88-page softcover book will be 12” x 12” – the size of an actual vinyl record album – and encased in an electric yellow transparent plastic slipcase.  It will be released in November wherever artbooks and graphic novels are sold.

For more information about VOX, visit the VOX page!