Today, we are officially announcing what we hope will be a very different, very cool, and very rewarding program for you, our family, our friends, our biggest supporters with the MAGNETIC PRESS AMBASSADORS CLUB, a monthly subscription-based blind-box initiative powered by the crowdfunding platform Patreon. This club offers fans and supporters the opportunity to subscribe to several different membership tiers that each offer a different set of exclusive items shipped right to your doorstep, every month.


That’s right, instead of asking you to just donate to help us continue our work of bringing creators from around the world to print in the US, we wanted to design a program that actually gives back to you immediately and significantly. Sign up at any tier, from $1 on up, and you’ll get access to a ridiculous number of what we think are super-cool, custom, and exclusive rewards that you literally cannot get anywhere else. And our whole family of creators are joining in to help.

Designer foil-stamped book marks, limited single-printing posters, custom artist-designed T-shirts, permanent web store discounts & free shipping, lithograph art prints, that month’s new graphic novel release, signed custom book plates, custom artist sketches, hand-drawn original graphic novels art, and you could even have the ability to help us choose our next licensed book, and much, much more.

See… We wanted to go all out. You all have made this possible, and we want to sincerely thank and reward you for your greatly appreciated ongoing support.

Check it out:

Every month, depending on the membership level selected, each member will receive an Ambassador Club Cargo Package containing an assortment of unique, exclusive content, not the least of which will be the newest graphic novel or art book hitting shelves that month. Other items include designer foil-stamped bookmarks, custom two-sided posters, new fashionable T-shirts, frameable artboard prints, signed book plates, and bonus mystery surprises, all the way up to original sketches and artwork from one of the Magnetic Press family of artists, and even an opportunity to go behind the scenes and get credited in the printed masthead inside titles going to print that month.


Visit the Registration page at Patreon and choose your membership level to get your inaugural Cargo box in December!