Ahead of San Diego Comic Con 2016, we just announced five new graphic novels to round out our full 2016 Fall/Winter publishing lineup. Hot on the heals of unveiling our new Buño imprint with Ulises Fariñas, this latest round of titles marks the beginning of our third year as a publisher, with nearly 30 books on shelves!

Details of each title will be revealed soon, with their own webpages on this site!  Stay tuned!

Among the titles announced are two volumes of LITTLE TALES, a series of nature-focused graphic novels for young readers, created by Federico Bertolucci & Frédéric Brrémaud, the world famous creators of the Eisner-Award nominated LOVE graphic novel series. LITTLE TALES: IN THE FOREST and LITTLE TALES: IN THE JUNGLE will both be released simultaneously in September, 2016.      

Three-time Eisner Award nominee Tony Sandoval returns with a brand new autobiographical graphic novel, RENDEZ-VOUS IN PHOENIX, which recounts his experience smuggling himself across the US/Mexican border to reunite with his girlfriend and “make it” in the American comic book industry.

CENTURION & EMPERADOR, written by world-famous actor & comedian Rob Schneider (Grown Ups, 50 First Dates, The Animal) and his wife Patricia Schneider, and illustrated by Disney & DreamWorks concept designer and Marvel comics artist, Francisco Herrera (Megamind, Spider-Man, Venom).

Another new title comes from world famous artist Enrique Fernández, who brings his lavishly illustrated psychedelic fantasy story BRIGADA, to the publisher. Set in a vibrant magical world, the story follows an infamous Dwarven brigade on their journey to find their way home after being transported to a strange and alien land by a magical myst that acts as an unpredictable gateway between worlds.