Coming this December, Magnetic Press is excited to present the globe-spanning, tomb robbing epic adventure DAOMU, based on the best-selling novel “DAO MU BI JI” written by Xu ‘Kennedy’ Lei.  Chronicling the exploits of Sean Wu as he is introduced to, and quickly initiated by, the mysterious Daomu society, an underground cabal of guardians dedicated to the preservation of ancient secrets buried within the labyrinth of caverns that lattice the entire globe.  Sean’s world is turned upside down as everything he thought he knew about his family, and the very fabric of reality, are revealed to be very intentionally crafted lies.  Equal parts action-adventure and survival-horror, DAOMU is filled with dark secrets, ancient conspiracies, and powerful forces willing to go as far as necessary to gain control of these riches.

The original “DAO MU BI JI” novel created such a sensation when it was first released in China that it created an entire sub-genre of tomb robbing adventures.  With over 20 million fans of the original book, Kennedy Xu was quickly declared “China’s Stephen King” by followers and critics.  The adaptation to graphic novel form took several years, conceived and directed by James Zhang’s celebrated Concept Art House.  Spanning over 220 pages of fully painted artwork, this stunning adventure is only now being released in its entirety by Magnetic Press.

The 244 page hardcover will feature a soft-touch textured cover with embossed elements and spot-gloss, highlighting the strikingly rendered painted artwork on both front and back cover.  This collectors volume will also include additional background information, concept art, and cover paintings from its original development.

DAOMU will be available from Magnetic Press and retail stores everywhere in December.

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