Magnetic Press is excited to announce a special, limited Illustrators Edition of Bengal’s Luminae #1 being offered exclusively to retailers participating in this year’s LOCAL COMIC SHOP DAY, held across the country on November 28th.

Limited to 500 copies, this high-quality single-issue Illustrators Edition presents superstar artist Bengal’s stunning pencil and ink artwork for the full 28 page first chapter of his original, creator-owned dark fantasy epic, LUMINAE.

Magnetic Press will bring the same high-level production value to this single-issue presentation that fans have come to expect from their designer-level hardcover graphic novels. The Luminae #1 Illustrators Edition single issue will be printed on thick, beautiful 80# paper, with a gorgeous matte 100# cover. Each copy will be individually numbered and will be bagged and boarded before shipping to retailers.

“Bengal’s popularity in the US has skyrocketed in the one year since we released NAJA and MEKA in English for the first time,” said Magnetic Press President & Publisher, Mike Kennedy. “He is an immensely talented artist, and it’s been fantastic to see him gain such a massive following here in the states after such a short time. Bengal and I have been getting a lot of requests to do a special book like this that shows off his fantastic pencil and ink artwork. When the opportunity to do something unique for Local Comic Shop Day came along, it felt like the perfect time to do it.”

Bengal’s artwork is also featured on Marvel Comics’ special ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #1 Sketch Variant being offered exclusively for LCSD.  His earlier sketchbooks and similar low-print run items have historically gone immediately out of print, and can only rarely be found available for auction by collectors.

The complete, full-color Luminae hardcover graphic novel can be ordered from your local retailer with Diamond Order Code AUG141552. For more information on Luminae, click here.

Fore more information on Local Comic Shop Day, click here.

Magnetic Press 
(W/A/CA) Bengal 
Limited Print – 500 copies 

Diamond Order Code AUG158597

“Six young warriors are tasked with protecting Luminae, a mysterious holy Creature of Light that lives in exile, hiding from shadowed forces of Darkness that work to decimate humanity. When one of the warriors disappears, the others know it is the sign of a superior evil soon to arrive…  Luminae is a stylish dark fantasy epic by the celebrated artist of Batgirl, Naja, All-New Wolverine, and Meka. This special black-and-white Artist’s Edition features pages of uncolored pencil-and-ink artwork created for his original graphic novel Luminae, available in a complete, full-color hardcover.”