Ambassadors Club


Stay tuned for a bigger and better program to be announced soon! In the meantime, visit our main page to see all of the latest books and projects!

When we launched Magnetic Press in 2014, we had one goal in mind: to bring some of the coolest books and amazing artists in the world to print in the US.  And now, as we roll forward, we want to bring you, the discerning readers, collectors, and avid supporters, along for the ride, and to reward you for that support every single month.

We need you to be our Ambassadors in the world. 

Monthly Cargo

Every month, you’ll receive an Ambassador Cargo Package in the mail containing an assortment of new and exclusive content, depending on the tier that best suits you.  Available items include collectible bookmarks and posters, exclusive new monthly T-shirts, frameable art prints, and of course the newest graphic novel or art book hitting shelves that month!  Think of it a bit like a subscription service or book club, but with a wealth of extra excellence inside each box!

Member Perks

Everyone who joins at a physical shipping tier ($5 or above) will get a plastic membership card with a unique member ID number sent with their first package.  This Ambassador ID number will not only identify you as a (literal) card-carrying Magnetic Press Ambassador, but will allow you to start collecting Ambassador Points good for all sorts of additional bonuses down the road: free shipping, exclusive merchandise, and a special Birthday Bonus sent to you each year!

Inside Access

All members will receive the monthly Ambassadors Club VIP Newsletter filled with exclusive offers, interviews, and sneak peeks at work in progress.  Members will be invited to Reddit-style online hangout sessions with our family of creators, with exclusive access to original artwork.  And some ranking members will even have a chance to review pre-press proofs and have a voice in production decisions as a credited member in our printed masthead!

New Member Bonus!

When you join for the first time, you will not only get your individual plastic Ambassadors Club card, with your unique Member ID number, but you will also get a snazzy full-color 2016 calendar, and all of the items from the previous month’s tier (and maybe even the month before, if there are any left)!

That’s more than double the cargo in your first month!

Depending on what membership tier you choose, you will get twice the items — the new mystery stuff in your first box plus the corresponding items from the previous month’s box. This way you’ll have some idea what’s coming, and still a little something left as a surprise!


Head over to Patreon and select your membership tier to begin your membership!

The underlying system for the Ambassadors Club is powered by PATREON, a crowdfunding service designed to support creative groups and individuals so that they can continue to produce and release excellent product.  And that’s exactly what we need your help to do: release excellent books.

The basics

What sort of cargo can you get in your monthly Ambassador Package? We’re glad you asked!  Each month, we will produce a limited number of items exclusive to the club, including:

  • Book of the Month – Subscribe to get the newest book release each month! It could be hardcover or softcover, but will definitely have a cover value between $18-30!
  • T-shirt of the Month – Every month, we’ll design and produce a new, exclusive Tshirt just for our Ambassadors!
  • Collectible foil-stamped bookmark of the Month – A beautiful, sturdy 2×6″ bookmark with soft curved corners, featuring one of our titles, and a members-only gold foil stamp on each one.
  • Exclusive poster of the Month – A two-sided 11×17″ poster featuring some of the best imagery and graphic design in our library.
  • Signed Bookplate – A limited number of bookplates will be signed for each release, and you can guarantee yourself a signed copy as an Ambassador!
  • Frameable Art Print of the Month – Every month, we will print a limited number of exclusive, quality cardstock prints available only to Ambassadors.
  • Limited Merch Item – Members at the “Connoisseur” level will get a limited bonus “objects d’art” — it could be a limited variant of a book, an interesting item of apparel, a unique gift item, or an exclusive offer only available to top-level Ambassadors!
  • A Mystery Item of the Month – Every month we’ll include some unexpected little extra, sure to put a smile on your face!

When you join the club at Patreon, they will gather your information right away, including your subscription payment method, but they won’t charge you until the 1st of every month.  That’s when we tally and award each month’s total membership points to new and returning members.

We’ll then get to work on producing each Ambassador Package, which will be shipped between the 15th and 20th of that month, to arrive by the end of that month.  Each month your membership will be automatically renewed, but you can upgrade, downgrade, or even cancel at any time.

Sign up for as little as $1 a month for the Ambassadors Club Newsletter and access to exclusive members-only content, or sign up for one of the card-carrying tiers to earn points and receive a package of physical goodies every month!  There are two cargo tiers to choose from, each offering a different collection of items, points, and discounts each month.  Choose the level that works best for you!  You can upgrade or downgrade at any time — your tier isn’t locked in until Patreon collects your membership on the 1st of each month.


Visit the signup page to view the list of tiers and what each one includes.

Every month, you will earn AMBASSADOR POINTS based on your membership tier. The higher the tier, the more points you earn each month.  As you accrue more points, you will rise in Rank, unlocking new titles and earning bonus rewards with each promotion!



Head over to Patreon and select your membership tier to sign up!

While we’ve only just begun, we’re so very proud to include the following members who have reached the rank of “Charge D’Affair” in our society:

  • Bruce Fontaine
  • D.M. Cumbo
  • LJ Zimmt
  • Peter Bellisle
  • Patrick Tobin
  • Roy Cowing
  • Don Rosso
  • Mitch Hamilton
  • Ray A. Levos
  • Ajith Dissanayake
  • John McConnell
  • Tyler James
  • Jeremie Lariviere
  • Eliza

The following members have already reached the rank of “Minister Resident“:

  • Xander Gaitan
  • Wesley Wong
  • Mike Ohsfeldt
  • Andrew Hales
  • David Dissanayake

The following members have already reached the rank of “Envoy“:

  • Terri Connor
  • Hal Murray III
  • Jeremy Pellegrin
  • Garner Eckerson
  • Jacqui Mercado

The following members have already reached the rank of “Envoy Extraordinaire“:

  • Wobbe van der Geest
  • Mike Bawden
  • Phil Parr
  • Juan Moreno


When will I receive my Cargo package?

We will produce each month’s items as soon as Patreon confirms membership numbers on the 1st of each month. Some items, such as shirts, can take a week or so to produce, but we expect to have everything ready to package by the 15th, so that everything can go out within a week of that date. Add another week or so for shipping, and you should receive your package by the end of that calendar month. You will be notified by email when your shipment goes out!

Do you offer a free trial?

Since we produce each month’s items based on the number of registered members, we don’t have any pre-existing or previous packages available to send out as a sample. Hopefully you know the quality of our books, and maybe even some of the promotional prints, posters, shirts, etc that we’ve offered in the past. If you’re not sure if you want to sign up for the long haul, you can always sign up for one month then change or deactivate your membership after receiving it. There’s no penalty for deactivating your membership – your Ambassador card is good for life!

Do you sell past Cargo packages?

We have no plans to offer previous Cargo boxes, although if an item proves to be popular, we may reproduce a variation for sale on our webstore later on. But only time will tell!

Do the packages have a monthly theme?

We aren’t planning to produce or collect Cargo items around any one title or theme – we’d like each box to have a sampling of different titles each month! That’s not to say that there might not be correlation between a few items around the newest title, or a relevant major holiday or event, though.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership level?

You bet! Its as simple as adjusting your pledge level at Patreon. Whatever your membership tier you have selected on the 1st of the month will determine which Cargo package you receive that month. You will remain at whatever tier you have selected from month to month until you make your own adjustment.

Can I pause my subscription for a period of time?

If you need to take a break, just adjust your pledge level to $0 at Patreon before the 1st of the month. You will still be in our database of members, so if you are a card-carrying member, those perks will continue. Please note that adjustments made after the 1st will still be processed, so you will still receive that month’s Cargo package. When you’re ready to resume your subscription, simply adjust your pledge level back up to where you’d like it to be.

 Can I cancel my subscription online?

Yes, simply adjust your pledge at Patreon accordingly. While you will no longer receive the newsletter or Cargo packages, we’ll still have you as a registered member for future reference.


Are the Cargo package items new, or things I can currently buy from your webstore?

Everything sent to Ambassadors is designed and produced exclusively for the club each month. While we have offered different Tshirts, posters, lithographs, etc in the past, none of those will be part of a future package.

What if I already have, or already pre-ordered the Book of the Month?

Good for you for pre-ordering or getting on board early! Moving forward, however, our plan is to include that month’s newest release, so hopefully you haven’t somehow already gotten it elsewhere. If you do, by some chance, then we’d suggest giving that extra copy to a friend and spreading the word – that’s what good Ambassadors do!

 What type of shirts do you use?

We work with an excellent print-on-demand service who use the full color spectrum of Gildan 100% preshrunk cotton.

 What Tshirt sizes do you offer?

The shirts are a unisex cut, and come in Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, and 3XL.

How do I specify or change my shirt size?

We will send first-time members a survey to select their size when they first register at an appropriate tier. If you need to adjust your size selection, e-mail us at and we’ll mark the change for the next month.

How will I receive my digital rewards?

Digital goods are distributed via GooglePlay. You will need to have a (free) Google Account to access these files. They will be made available to the email address you provide us when registering your pledge at Patreon. If you don’t have a Google account, use that email address to create a new one here:

Or, if you already have a Google Account that you would rather use, let us know what email address is associated with that account so we can reassign the titles to that account. You can then access each month’s books using the Google Play Books app on pretty much any digital device. You can get the app here:

The titles should appear automatically in your library. Or, if you prefer, you can read them through any web browser with direct link that will be emailed out to qualifying members each month.

What if something is missing or damaged?

If your Cargo package was either missing an item or something was damaged, please contact us at and we’ll get a replacement to you immediately.


I signed up for one month, why are you billing me again?

Patreon is, at its core, a subscription service that is set up to charge your payment method on the 1st of each month, on a recurring basis. You can cancel your subscription at any time through Patreon.

When do you bill for the boxes?

Patreon charges your provided payment method on the 1st of every month. If they have a problem collecting from that provided source, they will contact you to correct the issue or provide corrected information. If they haven’t been able to collect by the 3rd, your membership will be marked as “inactive”, and you will not receive the perks and package selected that month, or for any subsequent months until the payment information is corrected.

How do I change my credit card information?

You can manage your payment method through Patreon.

Can I cancel my membership after the first, before the items have shipped, and get my money back?

Unfortunately no. Part of the Ambassador Club’s purpose is to generate funds to help support our efforts, and we lock our plans on the 1st of each month based on the number of members committed. You are welcome to cancel your membership at any time, but we cannot offer refunds.


  • Jeremy Pellegrin
  • Eliza
  • Mike Ohsfeldt
  • Terri Connor

How long does it take for my box to ship?

Packages are shipped by USPS, and typically arrive in 5-10 days. (Frankly, usually less than 5, but the post office likes to give themselves that window…)

I got an e-mail saying my label was printed, but the package hasn’t moved yet. Where is my box?

You should get an email when your label is printed, but please keep in mind that there are still a couple more steps after printing before it actually leaves the facility, such as packing the box and delivering it to the post office. This is usually completed within 1-2 days, so please be patient. Once USPS receives your package, you should have it within a week.

I still haven’t received last month’s package, and it’s now after the 1st. What do I do?

While it is rare, sometimes packages get lost in transit. If this seems to be the case, please contact us at and we will get a replacement processed right away. Please note that if it contains a Tshirt or special item, that may take some extra time to produce.

Where can I change my shipping address?

You should be able to manage all of your information, including shipping address, at Patreon.


What countries do you ship to?

Unfortunately, right now, we only ship to domestic US addresses. The cost of shipping internationally is prohibitively high to make it worthwhile for you or us. We are looking into ways to open up our membership, however, so feel free to join at the base tier $1 and stay tuned for when international packages become available!