We want to not only wish you a happy season, but invite you to the vanguard of what we hope will someday become a significant, progressive movement in the arena of independent graphic novel publication.  We are striving to do something special with all of this. Not just making awesome books, but hopefully also to inspire readers to do something equally awesome.  Maybe not book-related, maybe art-related, maybe pastry-related, whatever. Creativity is creativity, and we just want to fan that flame.  Thus, we are posting the PREMIERE ISSUE of the MAGNETIC PRESS AMBASSADORS CLUB MAGAZINE, a monthly ‘zine filled with cool art, links, and (hopefully) inspiration offered exclusively to Ambassadors Club members.

We want this monthly magazine to be something worth your support.  If everyone on this list joined at just $1 per month, we’d be well on our way to the next level of excellence.  If you find the contents of this newsletter worth literally pennies a day, then please sign up!

Check out a few sample pages from this first issue:


The very last page contains spoilers about what’s in this month’s inaugural Cargo Box, which is on its way out to Ambassadors as you read this.  Each month’s Cargo Box is sent blind, so you’ll hopefully be somewhat surprised by what excellence you find inside!  If you haven’t already become a member, SIGN UP TODAY to get this months / the previous month’s items at no extra cost, in addition to your first Cargo contents!